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Why choose pavers for my project?
Pavers are preformed interlocking blocks that are set on a bed of sand with compacted stone beneath. When installing walls, walkways, patios, curbs or poolsides, ValBry uses high-quality products and paver systems, including EP Henry®, Techo-Bloc™, and Versa-Lok®.

Pavers offer the following benefits:

How is my project priced?
Although paver systems are priced by the square foot, other variables may impact the overall cost of your hardscape project. These include the type of pavers and pattern you choose, the kind of soil at the installation site, and drainage issues that may need to be addressed. Adding other features, such as a sitting wall or lighting, will also affect the final cost. For an accurate quote, ValBry must thoroughly research and review each project and site.

How do I get started?
Call ValBry Landscaping. Bryan willl meet with you to discuss your ideas and measure the project site. He'll also give you product literature to help you identify an overall pattern and the type and color of paver to use. If you want to include other features, such as a sitting wall or recessed lights, make sure to mention that as well.

Ask for product samples. They can help with your decision, allowing you to see and feel the actual texture and variations in color of the blocks you're considering.

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